The purpose of this web site is to provide resources for our neighbors who live in Krisana Park.  We hope it is also helpful for some of the other great mid-century modern neighborhoods in Denver - see the list we have started here:  Other Denver MCM Neighborhoods.  It also may be useful for those who simply enjoy this type of architecture, no matter where you live.

Ethics:  Our goal is to keep this as unbiased as possible - to not endorse those who are friends or have ulterior motives and to not highlight those who may directly benefit from articles posted here.  

Full Disclosure:  Angelo Marasco is a practicing architect in Colorado, and Amie MacKenzie is a Realtor in Denver.  We both live in and love the neighborhood and felt that there needed to be a central spot to share knowledge from all those who live or have lived here.

Guest Posts:  We highly encourage you to think about the types of additional resources, stories, and history that may be useful or entertaining for the neighborhood to read here.  Drop us a line and we'll review it and get back to you as soon as we can.

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