Seeking MCM Homes to Showcase for July 2017 Home Tour

Inspired by our recent achievement of passing the Conservation Overlay District of Krisana Park, we’d like to celebrate with a home tour to showcase the unique architectural details that give our neighborhood its charm, and to highlight the importance of preservation at a time of unprecedented growth in Denver. 

We are seeking six to eight homeowners to participate as hosts in a July 2017 home tour. We are looking for a diverse collection of homes with original architectural detail, modern enhancements, and interesting interiors inspired by Mid Century Modern (MCM) design. 

Our own Ellis Elementary School will be a beneficiary of this event.

Interested to learn more? Please contact Pamela Walshe for more information about the submission and selection process. We look forward to hearing from you!

KP House Detail Photos by ModMidMod on Flickr

KP House Detail Photos by ModMidMod on Flickr